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The shelter at bus stop HH outside Santander was removed in January following a traffic incident causing damage. I contacted Transport for London who after 13 days emailed me to say that it can take 18 weeks to replace a shelter.

Perhaps others like me who have difficulty standing for a while would care to contact TfL to complain about this absurdity.

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Personally I think it looks better without the shelter.
So... your idea of how it looks beats other people's discomfort?

you gotta stop replying like this anytime someone offers an opinion :)

Absolutely agree Paul.

Dark, hidden ATMs are bad, the shelter location was a hindrance for the foot path, less able need to sit while waiting and so people dont like getting wet. All valid and welcome views and all exist and in different levels or value to different people.

Maybe we should make the busses run on time, those less able turn up at a reliable time to the bus stop (therefore not requiring seating), have no bus shelter and no carbon foot print for its manufacture and instillation! Job done, my moral compass is better than yours as I dissolved the problem but

"Make the buses run on time" - goodness me, shades of Mussolini. Regardless of whether buses run on time or not, there will always be a wait for them. Never mind this nonsense about a bus shelter's "carbon footprint", what is important here is the well-being of bus users. The shelter has been there for as long as I can remember, and never before have I heard of any complaint or problem. I suspect too many selfish young gentrifiers are moving into the area. "Carbon footprint", indeed!

If you've never heard of any complaints perhaps you should try reading Harringay Online sometime. Plenty of threads about card skimming, peope loitering and trying to catch your pin over your shoulder, the drunks from the betting shop causing a nuisance etc. Or why don't you go in the Post Office and see what the staff have say about it. Or the Santander staff.

All this stopped once the bus stop was gone. 

But I do agree that people standing at a bus stop require shelter. 

Really easy solution would be to get the poundshop to move all its crap off the pavement so it doesn't enclose the area around the cash point. I don't think the way to deal with criminal and anti social behaviour is to penalise those most in need of a facility like a bus shelter! Having said that, if the new shelter was constructed just a few meters north of where it is now it would help to alleviate the problem.

There was a thread a little while back about the removal of the benches on Green Lanes as they were being used by street drinkers. This was backed by the traders association even though they are the ones supplying the cheap booze that caused the problem in the first place!

What a mean and selfish person you must be, Alexander. Do you seriously think that the "look" of that part of the street (which apparently offends you sensibilities) is more important than the well-being of people using the bus, and waiting at the shelter, often in the rain and cold?



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