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The new lighting at night on the Salisbury looks lovely and enhances the mini town centre feel of the piazza. But I just realised that the lighting has not even been finished off yet. I talked to some workers outside this morning, who were installing more lighting on the Grand Parade side. And they also mentioned lighting up the Salisbury dome which I completely forgot about.

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There seems to be a lot of half-completed work around. Turnpike Lane / Green lanes junction for example.

Why can't they finish one job before moving on to the next one ?

This is the question all partners of DIY enthusiasts are asking themselves.

I resemble that remark

It's a universal truth.
Disagree totally. The pavement-set lighting is oppressively bright and walking over the lights I am actually forced to look to the right or up to avoid stumbling into the pub temporarily blinded. Like the stupid now-horizontal pillar outside the cab office, no-one seems to think these things through.

As someone who reguarly has their surname incorrectly spelt as "Salisbury" with an "i", I was faintly amused to see someone trying to spell "Salisbury" with an "i" and instead giving the correct spelling of my name.

Matt Salusbury

(with a "u")



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