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I have around 30 moving boxes of different sizes to give away if anyone needs some. Collection from Lausanne Rd. Thanks

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If you still have them I'd be interested in some boxes.

Thanks very much,


Hi Holly, sure they are still available. Around how many would you need and when can you come and collect? I will pm you the address.

Thanks so much! Half a dozen smallish boxes? We can pick up on Sunday if that suits?


Sure, that works. Before 11am or after 6pm would be best on sunday. I will send you the details. Thanks

Hi Holly,

I think you need to accept my connection request for me to be able send you the address by private message (but I am new to the site to tell me if I've got it wrong ;) ).

Are you still interested in collecting some boxes tomorrow?

Many thanks

Now all gone, many thanks

Thanks so much, boxes were perfect.

Hi, Do you happen to have any moving boxes left? Thanks very much, Katy

Just seen that they've all gone. 



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