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Hi everyone, we are thinking to move into a flat situated just next to Ducketts Common and was wondering if the area is safe enough to have a family? We are in our early pregnancies and if we take this flat then we will be having our baby in that flat. At our viewing we ran into quite a lot of drunk/toxicated people in the area and the reviews were reading are a bit disheartening about the park as it accumulates lot of drunks and druggies. 

Any feedback would be appreciated as we really love the flat and the location. 



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My child goes to nursery there and often uses the park. I’m relaxed about it. Good luck with your pregnancy 

There are a few drunks etc that hang out there, but you'll be fine - the park is always busy and they're harmless. Don't worry about it. 

Fairland park is more gentrified if that makes you uncomfortable.

Gentrified parks always scare the heebie-jeebies out of me! brrrrr.

There are safer and nicer places to live.

Absolutely but the schools in Chipping Norton aren't as good... 

The pubs are a lot better though.

I was thinking of Mordor...


Nope. I meant Mordor.

Yes Luca, many of our long term residents have been driven to drink and drugs by the influx of precious pregnancies flooding the area recently. They have not, however, been driven to violence - yet.

The place is totally safe. 



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