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Hi everyone, we are thinking to move into a flat situated just next to Ducketts Common and was wondering if the area is safe enough to have a family? We are in our early pregnancies and if we take this flat then we will be having our baby in that flat. At our viewing we ran into quite a lot of drunk/toxicated people in the area and the reviews were reading are a bit disheartening about the park as it accumulates lot of drunks and druggies. 

Any feedback would be appreciated as we really love the flat and the location. 



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As someone who has just started a family, I wouldn’t. There are better parts of the borough.

I don't think there's anything to worry about. There is a nursery there which could come in useful. I've lived around here for 20+ years and never had any trouble. You could go further and fare worse.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I have lived in the area for five years now and had babies. I avoid ducketts common I’m afraid. I’ve found nasty things in the play park there and a lot of people drop rubbish, cigarette butts, cans and bottles etc and urinate. I find it depressing really. The roads are always busy and noisy and the pollution levels are high. If you can, live on a quieter street. 

Honestly...I would live on a quieter street/part of the borough. Harringay is fantastic for families.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I wouldn't say Willoughby is materially different from living on other ladder 'rungs'. A little more traffic but better access to park/tube etc. 

I think you will be fine.  I have brought up a child in this area and while he was in the pram and buggy we would go further afield to Alexandra Palace and Priory Park. Once he was a bit older we would also use the playground in Ducketts Common. You kind of need common sense like everywhere else and the tube end of Ducketts Common isn't very nice which is typical to most other station surroundings. On the flip side, you have the tube and shopping close by.



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