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can anyone recommend somewhere to get my MOT done?
usual standards apply: cheap, reliable, legal etc.
I currently use Marlborough over towards Holloway, but it's a bit of a trek to walk back

Thanks for any help

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G&N on Wightman Road, opposite Harringay BR station. The details are somewhere on here.
Here's another posting on the topic David.
Yep, G&N have always been good for me.
Thanks for your help!
I really really recommend autotec - (rear of 465 green lanes) mattison road. best cheapsest nicest. 0208-348-4554
I use Martin at Air Kool on Wightman Road. Very cheap and reliable and pleasant to boot. He picks up my car and delivers it back when done. I think it's called Air Kool - had a little card in my purse but just had my handbag nicked in Sainsbury's. Grrr.
Another big up for Nick at G & N, he's always seemed pretty good...
sTu. what is 'big up' ?
Stop picking James. You know that you know what it means. We don't need to warm over that one again.



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