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This Saturday afternoon in the back room at the Salisbury we're doing Arduino Day, come along!

Its a very informal low key thing where you can have a beer/lunch and mess about with wires and electronics and programming, see a few of the Arduino based things others have built or are working on. There'll be a reverse geocache, Soulsby Synthesizers will be there with their Arduino based Synthesizers, the traffic counters that have been doing the rounds on the Ladder roads and maybe some data if you want to see how busy your street is, and a few other demo type things. And lots of Arduinos so bring a laptop if you'd like to have a go at programming one. There will be a couple of things aimed at kids including bits to build bristle bots out of a toothbrush and motor.

Its all free, hope to see you there.

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Looks interesting, Ant. (You've exposed my inner nerd). I'll try and get along.

Belated thanks to everyone who came along to this. We weren't sure how it would turn out but it seem to go ok.

We're now looking at having a more regular thing, a kind of maker/hacker/techy meetup once a month and dreaming of a Harringay Hackspace. Drop me a note if you're interested in being involved. 

The bristle bots were popular:

As was the Arduino controlled shout activated camera:

Hi Ant

We came to this with our son. Thanks for organising it. We would definitely be interested in attending and learning more...

Great for kids to get them interested in building wiring and coding maybe and off playing games.

Good community activity, keep us posted.



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