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New Anniversary Date for Your Diary: Nov 12 Declared St Marek's Day

I've both read and written about Marek's ascent to local sainthood. Today I'm putting my lot in firmly with the pro-canonisation lobby.

On the phone with Applecare earlier, an issue was discovered which led Apple to conclude that I needed to completely erase and reinstall my hard drive. Anyone who relies on their machine for their livelihood will understand how nervous this made me. Nonetheless having been given faith in the capability of Time Machine after my burglary last year, I took the plunge.

All went swimmingly up to the erase stage, but when I went to restart all I saw was a flashing folder with a question mark. A quick Google suggested that this wasn't good news. I left a message for my Applecare guy, but heard nothing back (a man in panic needs instant reassurance). So what's a Harringay guy in computer hell supposed to do?

Just then I heard a fanfare of trumpets outside and looked up to see a huge M shining in the night sky above the top of Warham Road. I wondered if this might be some sort of sign. I mean, could it really be that Harringay has its own superhero?

Next thing I knew, Marek's voice was on my phone. He immediately recognised the issue and calmly talked me through a simple solution. As I write, my machine is having its lifeblood reinfused by the magical time machine.

Thank you Marek - there when I needed you and solution at your fingertips. In recognition of his services to Harringaykind, I am proposing November 12 as Marek Day and writing to the authorities forthwith to try and speed through his canonisation.

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I'm waiting for my Marek rescue!

Did you hear the fanfare and see the big M in the sky too?

I heard it and I decided to walk towards the northern lights .. I will let you know outcome!

PS: I like reading your posts :)

Aw shucks. Thanks.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome. If it can be fixed, Marek's yoru man!

I patiently await for my salvation. 





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