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A new fishmonger just opened in green lanes. Much needed in the area!

I went last weekend and got a great hake at a very good price.

I hope they will succeed!

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That’s good news. Are you going to give us any clues as to the location?

Oops sorry Peter hadn’t seen your reply

They are at the beginning of Green Lanes, opposite Homebase. 

I think Peter might be talking about the one on the stretch between Endymion Road and Railway Fields. Opposite the Harringay Arena site / Macdonald. Didn’t have a sign up last time I looked but I think it’s maybe where hot nuts used to be.

That’s quite right. Passing by the WIP article I suspected this might be a fishmonger and yes it is. We gave them a go last Saturday. It’s definitely mostly frozen stuff and we got some prawns - decent quality, not as good as frozen Iceland prawns, but have seen that they also have live mussels so perhaps it’s all in trial and error mode at this stage. I really really hope they stay and up their game. I really really doubt the local market will support a fresh fish monger a la Steve Hatt or the one in Crouch  End. 

I wish them the very best of luck - and will be popping in to try the mackerel. 

I really hope they will succeed too. A local (and quality) fishmonger is very much needed in the area.

They had a fair selection of fresh fish when I went.

They put the sign up today.

If it's mainly frozen, there is a better localish alternative - South & North in Whymark Avenue. The owner goes to Billingsgate twice a week and always has a good stock of fresh prawns, a few types of fish and live crabs, live lobster and live razor clams.

The king prawns I bought from Iceland were horrible - big, squelchy and tasteless, I think because they had 'added water'.

The Fish stall on the corner of the high road and Coleraine Rd I find very good, but you have to get there early there open Wen-Sat.

If it’s in the satellite dish forest, I’m out

most depressing row of buildings on London 

They have both fresh and frozen. 

Fresh fish counter was full when I passed by this morning.

They also have a freezer with frozen fish.

Very nice new signage in progress now!




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