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I noticed this morning the shop that used to be William Hill (opposite Diyarbakir) on Green Lanes is being refitted with black frontage and lots of wooden fruit boxes being set out.

The guy working next door said it's going to be a organic grocery and juice bar. An upgrade from a bookmakers, and this end of Green Lanes definitely won't be short on grocers.

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Hi Michael 

Thank you very much for your thorough reply to my post - that is indeed very useful for us: I have checked on the Haringey Online Planning Services search page, but I am not sure if the planning permission has been granted (they have applied for and been granted a couple, but no mention of air conditioning): we have indeed been complaining to the Council (the noise enforcement service you are referring to) multiple times since May about the issue we are having, and they have not come back with any feedback at all, so far?... Anyway, I didn't know about contacting our ward councillor - I will definitely do that right now. 

Thanks again for your help and support!

Haringey Borough is relatively poor area so I really don’t know how sustainable their crazy unaffordable pricing can be over a long period....

£5 for a fancy loaf bread....

£8 for a melon....

Go on and on

There’s a market for everything. Consider what you are paying for when buying non-‘fancy’ bread - industrially produced garbage. I grew up eating real bread and happy to pay a premium for a decent loaf. 

I give the business 1 year max.

Haringey is a relatively poor area, their pricing is not sustainable.

Much better value to be had at local supermarkets and Yasar Halim for similar quality products.

1 of my mates paid £4 for a croissant and it wasn't even fresh!!!!

Yep some things are too pricey, I agree. Wouldn't buy bread at Yasar though with the mice I've seen running around. But I may be too picky. 

The owners of the deli did tell me that their pastries are from some fancy place in Central London, but when I verified (yes I am that person) I was told that they're not supplying them. 

Update from my previous reply: I have spoken to one of my neighbours over the weekend, and she has confirmed that she had already checked their planning permissions, and indeed they don't have one either for the condensing unit, or for the air conditioning; at this point, I really don't understand why the council is not being more proactive on this - they are definitely in breach of noise regulations! 

We will chase the council on more time for a feedback/action, and in the meantime I am waiting for a reply from the ward counsellors.

Thanks all once again,


I'm afraid, that you have no choice but to accept that, even were the Council perfect (which it is certainly not), its resources are very stretched. So, it is rarely proactive in matters such as this.

Getting action taken does require persistent tugging of their sleeve and the recruitment of influential allies like your councillors. 

I wish you the best of luck. 



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