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Snowy (aka the Harringay Station Cat the Library Cat) was a stray cat when she moved in with us some 4 years ago. We are now leaving Quernmore Rd, moving south of the river. We don’t think Snowy wants to leave her Kingdom. We are therefore looking for a new loving home for her close to Harringay Station. Please let us know if you want to audition (Tom: 07842879683). We are moving on 23 March.

Ps. You would be living with a celebrity



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So Snowy moved in with you 4 years ago and you've decided not to take her with you.

I think staying with her family may be more important to your cat then where she roams - her Kingdom may not be as important to her as you think ?

Is territory more important then you?

Just a thought....

totally agree Rebecca

Having had many cats over the years, I'm sure that familiar surroundings and familiar food are more important than familiar people - provided that the new owners treat the cat well.

...don't think you read John Ds response.

I'm obviously biased because I love snowy to bits and don't want her to leave, but I think it's true that cats are more attached to their territory than their owners. Why else would I find my cat happily purring away on a stranger's lap when I have someone in to house sit? But seriously, if a nice new owner could be found I'm sure snowy would be happy, and clearly likes her "patch" a lot.

Hi, could we have an update please? People are saying they are seeing Snowy in the last day or two so we wondered if she has a new home in the area.  Many thanks!

Hi Carol

Thank you for yours message. We have brought Snowy with us to Kingston. She is settling into her new home ok. I think she is missing Quernmore and all her friends...Hopefully with time she'll come to love it here too. All the best from us. x

Thank you very much for answering me! All the best for you and Snowy in your new home.

Good to hear update on where Snowy is. I really miss #Harringaystationcat twitter posts (I know that's Snowy's 'admin') but recognise the priority is that Snowy is OK and does have a family. Would love a picture if possible! 

I second this - I have to admit to being a bit sceptical as to his actual whereabouts due to various sightings on Twitter and the continued reference to 'her'!

Of course they don't have to - but it would be nice if they did.

I've a friend who's a Snowy fan who lives in Kingston and is asking will she be near Kingston station now?



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