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The place next to Snug is being redone. Workers there say it will be a Mexican taco place, opening in a couple of months time.

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Sounds revolting. 

I was about to share the very same link!! My French friend is all over these tacos. They have chips in them apparently. They sound delicious. 

Yes I read the same but decided to reserve judgment as I get a lot of fire on this forum for being too judgmental...

Cheap meat piled high. The literal race to the bottom continues apace along Green Lanes.

If that picture earlier is a taco then this cheese sandwich I'm eating is a Croque Monsieur! 

Don't make me laugh 

So this will be on the site of Ο Πενταδάκτυλος (I presume this was a Greek-Cypriot club named after the five fingers mountain in Cyprus). I do find it a shame to see another sign of the Greek-Cypriot community going, but I'm sure whatever this ends up as will serve the current community, well I really do hope it does! At least it beats another empty shop unit/jewellery shop/glitzy Turkish behemoth restaurant!

I'll reserve judgement until it's open, but my excitement level from reading initially about a Mexican Taco place subsided pretty quickly over the course of this thread, especially after reading the Guardian article about French Tacos, still I'm sure I'd happily eat one after a few pints at the Salisbury and it looks perfectly placed for that so I'll be sure to give it a go when it's opened!

I agree with George's post. A shame that what was once a thriving Greek Cypriot hub has now finally disappeared, but that's how things have always happened in London, look at the east end that's changed ethnically over the decades..

As for this Taco build, I drove down Green Lanes yesterday looking for this place being constructed but I couldn't see it anywhere. 

Does it really have to be a French taco restaurant.  There's plenty of scope for a good traditional authentic Mexican restaurant and I don't mean Tex-Mex like the one on Stroud Green Road. 

Also scope for a nice French bistro.

I kind of agree. The concept appears super gimmicky - as if the proprietors read up on the subject and thought that they could leverage the existing kebab supply chain and low skill set required to put these together to replicate the 'success' of the French offering. 

I wouldn't be caught dead eating those things as even the original iterations look quite grim BUT I welcome more choice on the high street and the fact that the premises appear poised to be refurbished to a reasonably high standard.

Let it also be noted that it appears that proprietors of Turkish background are actually waking up to the fact that there is an over-saturation of kebab on offer and are trying out new things, as appears to be the case here, and wit Abraco - 60 Grand Parade. 

So while I won't be eating a 'French taco' I remain cautiously optimistic.

Judging by their names, It doesn't look like the owners of this business are Turkish.

Let's give the lads a chance, eh.

Don't sound particularly Mexican either.

If I was investing my money into a new restaurant on Green Lanes I wouldn't be risking it on a French Taco business. Far too risky in my opinion considering the area. In saying that maybe this business will thrive and good luck to them if it does. 



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