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... Next to jam in a jar. Refurb just started apparently. Big as well; it's a double shop front.

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Gosh that'll be some competition for Blend and Harringay Local Store!

Another new organic appearance is in a newsagents a bit south of these three places - their stationery shelves have been replaced by canned goods flagged   organic   and an island display unit of organic veg. The timing of it looked to me like a challenge to HLS.

I went into one of the Med grocers closer to Harringay Green Lanes a couple of weeks ago and was impressed at how much organic food they had - Biona rye bread, tinned food etc. Will have to find it again...

When you say "closer to Harringay Green Lanes", I'm not sure what you mean; do you mean closer Harringay Green Lanes station?

No it's the old off licence next door to the newsagents.

Could have been Arista on the corner of Salisbury Road/Green Parade which has a lot of organic groceries or possibly the Turkish Food Market which has always carried a fair amount of organic stuff.  

The effect you've noticed has been going on in many local shops since the summer. Certainly long before HLS set up shop. I'd be interested to know who/what is behind it. 

Great news, If they wanted to stand out from the likes of blend maybe they could put something on the menu that vegans could eat!,To be honest they will have to be very special to beat the produce available at Harringay Local Store!

The new local store is great - really like their stock. Blend and Jame in a Jar are always full at peak times, so hopefully this new opening wont affect them too much. Great for Green Lanes and Harringay in general, i think. 

They're like buses... The place seems to be turning into Kentish Town. Green Lanes is going to end up as a line of giant treble-fronted shiny Turkish restaurants facing off giant treble-fronted idiosyncratic organic emporiums.

HLS/Blend/Jam in a Jar all have established their own distinct character so I feel have nothing to fear. But can't we have one on West Green Road as well? Share nicely.

It will happen  - once the rents on green Lanes go up, better stores will pop up on West Green Rd,  - hopefully Buonnismio and the Banc / Banc Deli are just the start.  Anyone been to Huggamug?   New Shisha bar with milkshakes.  http://www.instidy.com/huggamugofficial

I find shisha bars a bit offputting. I know there have been glowing reviews of the Banc and I really hope the new deli or whatever is good, but it just doesn't appeal. There's the shisha, the shiny red and black and I don't eat meat, which doesn't help either!



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