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London Underground has signed a contract for Siemens Mobility to supply 94 Inspiro London trainsets for the Piccadilly Line, Transport for London announced on November 20.

The first trainsets are scheduled to be delivered for testing in 2023 with entry into passenger service envisaged for 2024. This would enable peak frequencies to be increased from 24 to 27 trains/h by the end of 2026.

Siemens say that the trains will feature walk-through carriages, improved access to make them easier to get on and off, and feature full air-conditioning.

Only five years to wait!

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I imagine Siemens, who are now supplying the new trains for the GN Moorgate service, will deliver on time, not at least a year late as a certain other Canadian owned, Derby based, train builder contracted to supply new trains for the other local train service!

six bloody years? Don't put yourself out London Underground!

I see floors of ash with fag butts endless....  curls of smoke in every corner... the smelll of sweat at every turn... I feel albows pushing and feet crushing... I feel bums pressing and papers crushing... I hear clatter and crash squeek and squeal... I feel jolt and jar and a sudden heaving.

Aha - Tottenham Court Road ... can I get out before it leaves... excuse me. I SAID EXCUSE ME!

Air con? LUXURY! First ride age what, eight? Turnpike to Piccadilly with mum and dad in 1952-3 ish.  You only have five more years to wait. Still, at least no fag ends and smoke. That must be something!

Hehe. Great vignette. 



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