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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I was googling something else entirely when I came across this pub, newly opened in the Woodberry Down development, two minutes' walk from Manor House tube. Popped in last night and it's a large, airy and attractive addition to our neighbourhood, already open for three weeks. It's a Young's pub so they have some interesting brews and a reasonable choice of craft beers. The food's quite pricey though. 


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I see it's a Young's pub. Can't they stay south of the river? Are they mates with the Berkeley directors or something?

Good to see that the Happy Man is still there.

Is the Happy Man any good? Seems a but intimidating from the outside...

It depends on what you think good is but the beer is not expensive and I think you can take your own food there. Mortals for whom £3 is a lot for a pint need somewhere to drink too and they're not usually fussy about the state of the table cloths.

Interesting, thanks for the link Tom. Looks like a nice place. 30% more expensive than anywhere along GL Harringay  ...

Be interesting to know how many people will end up living within the new Woodberry Down development.

Surely, everyone's going to end up calling this place The Nudist.



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