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These guys! Seen them up and down the New River. What a sight! 

It’s great that seven cygnets have got this far along the road to adulthood

I miss seeing them by Hampden Road, but I have had to pretty much give up as the train "services" are so bad at the moment that the tube is preferable

Aaah, that's where they've gone...

So glad you posted this, as I've been watching these guys since before they were parents (assuming this is the same pair with the 8 cygnets). Their nest is up by Woodberry Wetlands and they used to only hang out up there, but they've not been back the last few days. Do you know if they have a new nest near this location?

Here they are last month in the Wetlands


Same, I used to run past several days a week checking on progress. They had one false start - laid about 4 eggs then the cold snap came and suddenly the nest was empty. Last year they had about 3 eggs but I don't think it came to anything. So it's great to see the family doing so well.

Love seeing these every year, was worried that hadn't seen them for a while but delighted that they've popped up with eight babies! And all doing well by the look of it. 

Yes especially since last year none of their eggs hatched 



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