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Dear all;

After about six months of trying to find the right people at Thames Water and the Council, I finally found the people at the two organisations that are responsible for this.  While some of the details are yet to be worked out, the date is set for Saturday morning 18 April.  The last time we did this about four years ago and organised by Michael Anderson.  The section that I helped with was from the gate at Wightman Road to Hornsey station.  It only took 12 of us less than an hour and a half.  So, it really doesn't take very long.  There is one section on Green Lanes near Hermitage Road and others up to Myddelton Road.  I have yet to walk the entire route.  Thames Water will provide equipment like bags, gloves and litter pickers. They will also see who can help to remove the rubbish bags on the day too.  The Council will help publicised the clean up.  

I'm putting this initial message out there to see how many people I can get on board.  I'm just a resident.  I'm not affiliated with the Council or any other organisation.  I do have a vested interest as I live on Wightman Road and the canal is behind me.  That's why I want to be involved and why I pursued this with the Council and Thames Water.  It would be great to get a team leader of sorts for each section.  

The area that we want to do is on Map 5, page 9.  It's only the section from Seven Sisters Road to around Myddelton Road.    


If you can spare a couple of hours that day, that would be great. When I get more details, I will post them here.  

If you want to get involved email me at jamescowling1963@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks for your help in this.


James Cowling  

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Hi Hugh;  Yes, Beautiful Boroughs in a CleanUp UK project and it did help organise the last one.  I've had a handful, but it's still early days.  I've put a message on Bowes and Bounds, but I don't know AP Neighbours.  Do you have a link?  I'll have a look at the recent research that came out too.  Thanks for your support.  See you on April 18th.  Cheers, James 

Great idea James. I've put it in the diary and would happy to join the Wightman to Hambden Road section which has become an excellent walk in recent years since the horrible mud patch was eliminated (thanks to your efforts I should mention).

I walked the Green Lanes to Seven Sisters section two weeks ago. The path resembled a water logged mud bath. It was so bad that all but a few indefatigables turned back in dismay. Let's hope that by April things will have improved. Even so It will be wellies only.

Hi Dick;  Thanks for your support.  Cheers, James 

I've been wondering about trying to get the section between Hampden Road and the railway bridge (i.e. the short stretch that isn't accessible to the public) sewn with wildflowers and then maintained as a meadow rather than being regularly cut short. Do people think this is a good idea? And if so, perhaps Thames Water are the best people to speak to about that too?

Bit of guerilla gardening?


You mean the east bank, behind the houses? (The west bank is a public footpath and a Thames Water access track to te river weeding machine.) Yes, great idea.

Actually yes to the east bank of the main Wightman-Hampden stretch, but I was thinking of both banks of the short bit north of Hampden road where both banks are closed to the public.

Hi there;

The New River Clean up will be postponed until the current situation is over.  I will let you know the new date when I have one. Take care and stay well. 

James Cowling 



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