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Hi all;

I just wanted to say that the Wightman Road to Hornsey Station section of the New River Path is pretty much litter free.  People have been picking up rubbish as they walk through it.  It's looking really good.  I was going to write something last week, but I forgot.  There's no rubbish, no dog poo, no dead branches.  Maybe we won't even need a clean up brigade after lockdown.  Perhaps we just get a group of people to do a quick pick up when it needs it throughout the year. 

If we keep it clean, it won't take much effort to keep it that way.  If you haven't been, it's worth a walk.  



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this is a very nice positive feed unfortunately I have to strongly disagree regarding dog poo.  it's full of it.  and it really spoils what a lovely place it is. I spoke to one person wilfully ignoring that his dog was pooing his response was "its biodegradeable". there's so much poo there it seems to me dog owners feel entitled about it. 

We walked along on Sunday afternoon, the grass verge beside the water was full of dogsh*t, don't think very many dogs go along there on their own, irresponsible owners are to blame. A couple of weeks ago there was an impassioned plea from, judging by the hand-writing, a younger member of the community to dog-owners to clean up after their canines.

I can confirm presence of fresh dog-poo this evening. The impassioned notice seems to have gone.

Thank you for speaking up. I walk my dog every day along this path and am always dismayed to see how many other owners do not "pick up." Unfortunately even one owner walking a dog there daily and not cleaning up means a lot of poo! And then when some owners see that there's so much there already, they aren't inclined to pick up their dog's, either.

I wish they would consider adding a poo bin halfway down the path and providing bags, the way they do in some cities. I know that people should bring their own bags and be willing to carry them to the next bin, but many aren't, apparently. 

How can dog pooh next to a feed into the capital’s drinking water system ever be acceptable?  There needs to be a concerted comms effort to get people who do this to understand the error of their ways, followed up by fines if necessary.  If Haringey could do this for people dumping domestic waste over their garden boundaries on the parkland walk why not here.  Appreciate it’s easier to guess who’s been at fault with domestic rubbish.

Alternatively why not ban all dogs from the New River path - certainly if the situation doesn’t improve.

It's certainly been very very much busier than usual. It does seem remarkably clear for all that. It's not been perfect though. There was a dump of sorts at the Wightman end which I reported to Thames Water on 6th April. That seemed to be dealt with quite quickly.

I'm now tying to get Thames to remove the hardcore ramp that was formed as a vehicular entrance to the now removed container at the Hampden end. I assume that the container lessee (I persume Fairview or their agents) should have removed it when they took the container away. 

Concur about the doggy-doo-doos, though. There's still plenty of it about.

I've only started walking along here since lockdown after living in the area for so long.... I was put off before as it looked uninviting. I've enjoyed walking along what for me is a new route. 

You and many others,Ruth. I have to admit to being in two minds about it. I’m glad people are discovering it as an amenity, but I’m also a bit sad at losing what has long been a rare chance for peaceful solitude. 

Understandable Hugh. I'm sure post- lockdown it won't be so busy during weekday working hours! 

Same applies to the other part of New River path (from Green Lanes) and all the open spaces around us Hugh - I'm hoping that once (if?) people go back to work there will be quiet times during the day for use solitude-seekers.

Had a lovely walk to Wood Green early this morning, via the New River path. It was stunning. So grateful to HoL community for  bringing it to my attention - even if you’d rather have kept it to yourself!




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