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I noticed over the weekend that the long-time vacant unit on the corner of Cavendish Road/Green Lanes has working going on inside and a "Let By" sign out front. Any idea what is about to open up?

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My moneys on kebloodybabs.  The deadly elephants leg.   Not me!

There are some indications it could be a Sri Lankan restaurant... https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/sri-lankan-on-green-la...

Ah, interesting thanks! Did a forum search but couldn't remember what had been in the space before. Good research!

Jewellers? We need one of those. 

It's going to be a Sri Lankan restaurant. I asked the builders.

Nice work! We must all commit to give it a chance. At last some variety on the high street.

HoL users meet up dinner? ;)

Haha I worry about being ousted and subjected to a lot of rotten tomatoes for my HoL sins...

Coward. I get a lot of crap for what I say on here and people who meet me are surprised I'm not some horrible racist ogre.

That’s true you have a lot to answer for. Comparatively I have little to worry about. So far.

Builders have been known to tell porkies but I presume that this time they're right. The best one was when they told a HoL user that the Burger King at Turnpike Lane was being turned into an adult bookshop.

You mean it's not ??

I've been waiting patiently all this time for nothing ??



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