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The retail premises behind the Salisbury, originally used as an off-licence, is in the process of conversion into a badly needed resource for Harringay. We're getting another jeweller.

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What's wrong with a jewellers ? If people want to buy jewels why shouldn't they ?

Nothing wrong at all, but in my personal opinion, we have enough. According to Google this will be the tenth in Harringay.

But I don't see you as a major buyer of jewellery :-)

Perhaps the jewellery-buying community feel that there aren't enough. If in fact there are enough the new business will probably fail. What would you like to see in its place ?

A Caribbean food outlet would be nice in harringay jerk it up!! :-) anytime I visit my mum on my old manor (your manor) and she says son "bring mum some food please (Caribbean soups mainly). I always have to head into the heart of tottenham to get it. Caribbean spice on west green rd.

I wonder if they’ll deface or make a feature of the final remnants of Victorian detail above the shop front...

Just a clean up would be nice!

I thought this was a barber shop, not an off - licence ?

Apologies, poorly expressed. I've reworded. I had this in mind, but this type of operation was probably gone well before the end of the las century.

Yep was most recently a barber shop called Kriss-Kutz. A shame because it seemed like a little community there

Google Street View shows the premises as a travel agency from 2008 (first Street View in London) to 2012. After that it was operating as Kriss-Kutz, until quite recently. In every year for which there is an image of the travel agency, however, it is shown with its shutters down. So I wonder if it had stopped operating by 2008.

The barber shop has been in operation very recently - it was packed all through the summer as I recall

Just engaging in this conversation and looking at the pictures of the previous establishments, it's struck me that this unit is part of a Grade II* listed building. It would be nice to think that the styling of the new work would be constrained by the listing. I'll see if I can find out what the constraints are and whether Haringey will enforce them. Given that this is Harringay's one listed building, it's a pity not to look after it.



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