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The retail premises behind the Salisbury, originally used as an off-licence, is in the process of conversion into a badly needed resource for Harringay. We're getting another jeweller.

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you're right to be sceptical about the date Hugh - the planning enforcement team seem to be overwhelmed.  i reported a planning infringement last Feb/March and was promised a reply in 8 weeks - i still hadn't received a response in November, so chased them up and they suggested they'd have capacity to look into the issue in the New Year.

Could it be that many are just fronts for money-laundering?

Why can't they be just shops ?

Because there are so many of them.
Ah, happy memories of life when I was 12.

I miss Kriss Kutz - the punch parties they had in the summer were surely not a legal use of the premises, but they brought something different to the local atmosphere - I always found the folks polite and they moved out of the way on my way to and from home.

I was hoping someone (inevitable it was Hugh :D) would have the low down, but I’m sad it’s going to be a jewellers - we do have a lot of them! Have to say it doesn’t seem big enough, although that said - I’m not entirely certain what you *could* do with the space. It’s tiny!

A punch party? Sounds interesting. What were they?

Well. You’d pass at 5pm on a Friday and the guys outside would be rather calm, whilst drinking a dubious coloured liquid from a plastic cup. You’d pass again at, say, 8 and it would be rather more raucous.

Maybe they were drinking grapefruit juice and I’m getting 5 from 2+2 :)

That sounds rather fun. Sorry to see it pass. 

Indeed it was an off licence way back when.  I am 68 and was born in Glenwood Road and when I was a kid I used to get sent in there to get my Nan a bottle of Guinness when I did her shopping!  

My Uncle Stan from Avondale Road was a good singer who used to sing in the Salisbury and my cousins used to sit outside with a bag of crisps.

Oh happy days!!



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