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First I've heard of this- will be great for getting to London Bridge, Gatwick and Brighton.

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Yes and not allowed on the tube map. It says they are rebuilding Finsbury Park. Any idea when this will be or is happening first I’ve heard of it 

Rebuilding been going on for a couple of years, end date some time in 2019 for the lifts from National Rail platforms to tube platforms, and after that for the reopening of the rebuilt Wells Terrace entrance (west side of the station, by the W3/W7/210 bus termini).

Not allowed on the tube* map because it's not a TfL service though it's a cross-London service. 

This National Rail map 'London's Rail and Tube Services' has everything, pdf here http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/London_South_East0517.pdf 

And Harringay station booking office, open mornings Mon - Sat, currently has a stock of these paper maps in the timetable racks.

*The 'Tube' map now has so many non-Underground accretions - Overground,  Crossrail/Elizabeth Line, DLR, Tramlink and the Docklands cable car! - that it's not really the tube map any more, plus it's too small (why isn't it A4 folded like TfL's other literature). Rant over...

Starting in May I think.

Will the Freedom Pass be useable for this route?

Yes like current Great Northern services i.e. not before 9.30 Mon-Fri north of Finsbury Park. Any time between Finsbury Park and St Pancras, also to London Bridge/Elephant & Castle, 9.30 start south of those two stations - based on the current Freedom Pass map.

I understand trains will go through to the South Coast from May 2018.   This is great for me as I travel to Haywards Heath every weekend.

See this thread for more about the destinations of this services & the fact that Sunday trains to Brighton won't start until December.



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