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New Type of Dealer Makes an Appearance in our Neighbourhood Alleyways

We walked up the New River Path today and on to Alexandra Park. On our way back we cut through St Mary's churchyard. Towards the end of the footpath to Church Avenue, we saw a shady looking character who was clearly dealing.

I wondered if this was a normal thing to see in Hornsey on a Sunday.  But, it wasn't hash, or crack, or anything like it. Not a bit of it: this is March 2020. He was dealing masks! They were pretty ropey looking paper DIY masks. But he was punting them for £10 a pop.

Sign o'the times, sign o'the times!

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Dust masks are available from normal outlets...

Which are totally useless, you need the proper surgical ones, and goggles.

Oh my goodness. This will all down in history

Driving back from Bush Hill through Winchmore Hill, Palmers Green to Wood Green at 11.00 last night showed me how depressing the situation is. No restaurants/take-aways open, streets empty, few cars (no bad thing), but it is dire. I've lived through power cuts, bread strikes and fuel shortages, but I've never seen anything like this before.



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