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I just passed a new vegan cafe at 503 Seven Sisters Road, just past the junction with St Ann's Road heading towards Manor House. Does anyone know when it is going to open?

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It still hasn't opened, although there are signs that they are getting it ready. Meanwhile another cafe at 643 Seven Sisters Road has become vegan! It is called Breakilicious and is opposite Wickes. It serves Caribbean inspired vegan food. https://breakilicious.business.site/

As far as I am aware this is the first vegan cafe or restaurant in Tottenham, and only the second in Haringey, after Karamel in Wood Green, https://karamelrestaurant.com/



oh this is exciting!

Breakilicious "ITAL FOOD" every time I go there its closed though..   

They see you coming :-)


It's opened! I went in there this evening and had a tea and delicious cake. It's opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 6pm, and Friday 10am to 11pm.  Tuesday to Friday it is doing teas, coffees, cakes and other sweet treats. On Fridays it is also doing hot meals, including pasta and patties. Very nice owners.


They're all just jumping on the Greggs bandwagon.

Yes, it's definitely Greggs that started this whole vegan trend.

Pretty sure you've got that the wrong way around Ian. Watching out of touch carnivore dinosaurs hate on vegans lolllllz! Literally ANYTHING to avoid having to face the truth that meat is bad and veganism is the future.

Someone recently said - 

What? Why do you care what other people eat ( Albert )? People you've never met. And further why do you care what other people eat to such a degree you go on a local community noticeboard to criticise them for exercising their own choices? 

They certainly did John and it was me. Unfortunately you've misunderstood the original point. And this one. Because they are they same point. Which is that people want to undermine, impugne the motives of, threaten with illness and generally stick their beaks in to vegan's dietary choices. So this example from Ian B accusing vegans of bandwagon jumping simply underlines the point. And indeed your comment does the same. Like I say literally ANYTHING. 
I'm not a vegan but regardless of whether a vegan's motivation is to reduce damage to the environment, reduce cruelty and death, become more healthy or yes even if it is to 'be cool' I cannot for the life of me see why anyone else consider's it their business or that it is anything other than a positive for all.



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