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Came across these by chance.  Can’t find a way to raise the issue with the moderator (whoever that may be)


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No live animals should ever be sold online - such a horrible thing to do, anything can happen to them.

I am not on Next Door (and do not plan to be) but thanks for flagging this up..

I've already flagged for the ones that I have seen on Nextdoor. If you click on the down arrow next to the title of the post, there's an option to 'report item' which will alert the moderator for that area. The Nextdoor guidelines strickly forbid sale of animals.

on the other hand - if I had spare kittens, I'd not sell them but I would like to put a way of checking that they will not go to an impulse buyer. The rehoming places usually do home vists and have strict guidelines, and they charge a very reasonable fee. Being generous to the NextDoor sellers, perhaps that's what they are trying to do? ie something free may not be valued.

What does sell for 100s/1000s are fighting dogs, but they won't be sold on the open internet....

That’s what I would hope Pam but my worry is that sometimes ads like this are fronts for professional puppy/kitten farms



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