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My water went off about 8am this morning. Apparently there is a major leak in N4 Queens Drive. This is quite a long way from me so not sure if it's same one. Anyone else impacted this morning? 

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Yes, in my Lancaster Road flat the water is now down to a trickle.

Just heard on LBC - burst water main around FP - water 1m deep in places.


Yeah, seeing now the reports on Twitter. Very grateful I am not actually near the burst. 

It seems there was also a burst water main on Stoke Newington Church St. 341 and 141 buses were diverted via Stokey to avoid burst water main on brownswood rd and there were 2 fire engines in attendance.

Woodberry Down is also affected and the school is closed today as no water. So grandkids at science museum.

How are elderly and infirm coping I wonder

Here's a picture from @McChoudhry on Twitter, showing one of the roads in Finsbury Park.

I wondered what had happened as west reservoir cancelled swimming there last week as they said they were housing people due to the flood, how awful



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