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Attended at Noel Park Residents meeting last night where Big Local was discussed. and advised that Noel Park Ward had been granted a Million £ for local projects

Has any other Wards in Haringey applied and got similar grants ?


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Is this real!!!

Never heard of Noel Parr Big Local. And we have been running the Community Hub (previously known as the Asian Centre) for 37 years, bang in the middle of Noel Park (Caxton Road).

We could desperately do with some support as we have been providing much needed activities for the community on a shoestring and offering a safe space for cultural cohesion for the diverse communities of Noel Park and Haringey.

I’m on the Noel Park Big Local partnership so thought I would weigh in here.

As as part of the Big Local scheme run by the 'Local Trust' which has been given £200m by the Big Lottery Fund, Noel Park approached and awarded a £ million. A partnership board, made up of local residents in the Noel Park Big Local catchment area have written a Big Local plan, after consultation with local residents, on how to spend the money. All residents who live within the catchment area are welcome and invited to join the partnership. Unfortunately, Claxton road is not part of the catchment area.

we are not a grant-funding organisation, though we do administer some programmes that provide small grants for local residents. 

We do, however, commission organisations to provide some programmes. 

You can find details on our latest RFPs on our Facebook page, along with some of the programmes and events we have put on:

https://www.facebook.com/ NoelParkBigLocal/

I didn’t mention this because I didn’t want to take away fro Haringey online, but i’m Thinking its probably relevant in this case:

We publicise all the Noel Park events, etc.. on Noelparknet. So if you live in Noel Park and want stay informed about what’s happening in your neighbourhood join & check the forums every now and then. 



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