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Hello everyone,

We seem  to have a murder (flock) of crows in the woodland behind our house, who are making a racket day and night.

Can anyone recommend any tried and tested solutions or services to get rid of them ?



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... Hi Alex, it's nesting season so the Crows are very territorial at this time of year...hence the noise... they will soon quieten down as their chicks fledge... they're amazing creatures with intelligence equivalent to a seven year old child... Crows, jackdaws and rooks are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. This makes it illegal to intentionally take, injure or kill them, or to take, damage or destroy an active nest or its contents...

I don't wish to be rude, but woodland comes with wildlife, that's just the way it is. Perhaps it's not the crows that need to move.

Pointless response. Perhaps you should go walk your dog...

That was unnecessarily rude imho.  I think it's a legitimate point. 

Thanks for your opinion. My statement still stands, as i asked for advice on the noise, not to be told i should move house! 

Double glazing? Crows gonna crow, nothing you can do about that. Wait til you hear the foxes!

I honestly thought this thread was a wind-up.


the point is that the crows are crowing more then they usually do, which now makes sense if its nesting season, they are literally crowing and what looks like frenzied fighting with each other incessantly day and night for the last few days, which was quite alarming as i had never witnessed them so aggressive before. 

i do wonder about some of the people who reply to posts on here sometimes!!!

Thanks Roger, thats good to know, as there are 2 of them and they seem to be very excited, swooping and squawking and jumping between the trees, which is quite scary for our young boy.

Agree they are magnificent birds, and generally i love the variety of birds we have in our garden, and i wouldn't want to bring them harm, just need them to be a little less excited, and a bit quieter through out the night as its waking up our 18 month old.

Hopefully it doesn't go on for too long, i had really bad experience many years ago with seagulls in archway, that drove us close the the edge!!!


Hi Alexander, just be grateful they're not seagulls. A freind of mine who lives in Brighton had gulls nesting on top of their single story extention, they couldnt go out of the back door without being attacked. It was weeks and weeks before they could use the garden. 

Yes been there, archway has an urban seagull problem believe it or not!

I had no idea it was a problem in London. You learn something new every day. Obvious really i suppose, they're not likely to commute from the coast every day. Who'd do that! 



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