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I keep coming across examples of this, which seems profoundly undemocratic to me. On the internet just found news items related to the US and Tower Hamlets. I wonder if any research has been done about this phenomenon and should it not be illegal because those MPs are elected to represent their constituents and having different politics should make no difference. i don't think any politician should block anyone (unless they are clearly abusive) but certainly no MP should block a constituent, yet I know at least two cases of this.

Any information/views?

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This has probably a lot to do with it


Disproportionately, abusive and threatening behaviour on social media is directed at women and black and ethnic minority Members of Parliament.

Thanks for these replies - I did make clear, though, that I was talking about non-abusive tweeters. These MPs and ministers have a democratic duty to be accessible and response to their constituents and others (if in a ministerial role, say). Seems to me some ruling or legislation is way overdue.

Say there was someone who kept showing up at an MP's surgery and being threatening, abusive etc would the MP be within their rights to ask for them to be denied entry?

On Twitter it might not be immediately apparent that the person tweeting at you is a constituent. There is nothing at all someone in the public eye can say on social media and NOT receive any abuse in return. Also some MPs might not realise that blocking is a nuclear option and think of it as similar to ignoring a letter.

On the other hand, in the case of Glyn Davies it does appear (to me) he was trying to avoid both abuse as well as uncomfortable questions.

This one was worse, in my opinion:

Of course they should be able to block you or anyone else. That doesn't stop you from leading your own campaign tp say what you haev to say.

Social mdedia isn't the be all and end all of communicating anyway and it can be easily manipulated, used for pernicious reasons, etc.

There ARE others effective means of campaigning. Not everyone is on social media.

In fact I feel that that reliance on social media is a greater isssue than the one you raise.



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