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I finally got down to our new local Asian market, met with the owners and snapped off a few photos so those of you who've yet to visit could have a sneak peak.


Oasis Oriental Express: The Phoenix from the Borboni Ashes

OOE stocks mainly dry goods but has some fresh veg and fresh tofu

The OOE team: Life and business partners John (Yizhong) Shi and Wenwei Li

Lots of Asian sauces, asian rices, noodles and more

A great range of fresh tofu, including organic varieties

No takeaway food yet, but John says homemade Bao and more is in the pipeline

Please go and visit. John from Guangzhou and Wenwei from Shanghai, both recent business graduates, are very friendly. They'll be very happy to help you find your way round their stock of Chinese, Japanese and Korean foods. They'll even offer you an exotic tea on the house, sit and share a cup with you whilst explaining where the tea comes from, how it's made and so on. 

A good local business well worth supporting. Click the tag below to see the nice things locals have already been saying about the store.

(And just in case I don't see you before then, John and Wenwei, Gong Xi Fat Cai!)

Oasis Oriental Express386 Green Lanes. Harringay, N4 1DW

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Opening hours please

They open at 1 on weekdays. Not sure About weekends or closing times.

thanks slightly late but their choice

Apparently there's very little custom before that.

This is great news!!!  I have been waiting for an oriental market in the area for quite a while.  If they are open on weekends, we'll be shopping there a lot.

I was trying to find this place last time i ventured over to Green Lanes, but din't see it. Where is it? I When i Google the address, it says it's on the other side of Manor House, which can't be right?

Click my link on the store's name in the original post.


Got it, thanks!

We popped in just now, and their news is that they are expanding into the property next door, which will become the food shop, with the shop transforming into a Chinese and Japanese takeaway. ETA next month -- can't wait!

Great news - thanks for the update!

I've shopped here a couple of times and as they've expanded their stock I've been delighted to be able to get hold of what I need from such a local source. The guy who served me was extremely helpful, pointing out a cheaper way to but the new season Thai rice I was after. Fantastic that they're opening a takeaway. I have high hopes of it and will be stopping by on my way home from work.

At last!  This is brilliant, I'll be popping in this weekend to get some supplies



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