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I have some old towels that I want to get rid off. Rather than just throwing them in the rubbish I thought maybe an animal charity could use them. Does anyone know?

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We give our "no longer usable" fabrics to CRUK by Turnpike Lane tube, who say they sort them and either pass them onto an animal charity or send them for rags. 

This is useful thank you Leanne

Wood Green animal shelter on Lordship Lane would probably like them. I take my shredded paperwork there too for bedding for small animals. 

Yes, I dropped some stuff in their recently and they said they were looking for more towels etc

Ah perfect. That's exactly the type of charity I was looking to give them to. I will get in touch with them to see if I can help. Thanks

They can also use old duvets except feather ones. They get through a lot of bedding, and have industrial washing machines so its condition doesnt matter.

Oh that's really useful to know Pamish. Could they use old sheets or pillows do you know?

I think most RSPCA charity shops accept them too.

Wood Green Animal shelter Lordship Lane N22 will take towels and any old bedding.  You can just drop them off  your hands always someone there to take in donations 

I plan to do that - thanks Sandra

Rspca Harmsworth Hospital, N4 still take clean towels, (last time I checked), but no longer accept duvets or pillows

You could do that as you said, or a textiles recycling bank will take them as far as I know, there are more banks popping up around the borough. Or you could call Western Rd recycling centre and ask them if they accept them, as they take clothing etc.



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