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"On average we think pollution is probably taking away about six months of life for the average British citizen"


If Professor Frank Kelly is quoted accurately and is correct for the "average" citizen, what might be the impact on those in the worst urban areas?

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Thanks for this Paul. So I would imagine that for those of us living on roads like Wightman that were carrying 120,000 vehicles a week prior to closure of the road to replace the bridge the effects are even more detrimental. In my view it is a dereliction of duty on the part of the council to have this information and do nothing to protect us.

Probably double that if you're unfortunate like me to live on Green Lanes these days...

But at least now we won't have to pay fines to the EU for our high pollution any more. And if we die earlier that's probably for the best anyway because our pensions just evaporated.
Wonder what the EU actually did with the we paid in fines? Not to mention the hundreds of millions from other countries breaching pollution limits. Interesting article about how the money could have been used.
I'm not sure we ever actually paid anything.
So there was no point in the threats to do so?

Look on the bright side - those final six months were likely to be the least enjoyable of your life :-)



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