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A two way sign has suddenly appeared on hampden rd. Anybody know why? Thanks.

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Interesting, I wonder if they've not scheduled something properly and this just shows that the "consultation" is a sham.

I wonder if it was meant for the Station Approach part of Hampden, which is two-way ?

Maybe. But they already have a priority oncoming traffic sign there which implies 2-way as it is....Whilst the one way arrows are at one and the no entry at the other, this sign obviously won't have much effect. But still - strange....

Very strange - an advance warning triangle to tell westbound traffic the one-way road they are on (hampden)  is about to be come two-way (station approach), yet the road they are on is eastbound so no one will see it.

Unless Hampden's direction is about to be reversed. There may be an argument for that - with the new Fairview flats replacing Wilmot Dixon - might just be me but I think there's already a noticeable increase in HGVs exiting the station approach and just continuing straight down Hampden.

On the other hand, as we know in the absence of filtering then tinkering with one road's direction just moves traffic from one rung to another. If Hampden is reversed I guess we'll see an increase of traffic on Sydney and Frobisher.

I agree Joe - there's an increase of HGVs down Hampden and there wasn't supposed to be in the Fairview plan as many of them exceed the weight. I need to contact Fairview (yawn) and get them to address the problem.

Are you sure it suddenly appeared? That same lamp post has a two way sign on google maps, which was filmed during the bridge closure.

I did think that it could have been a hangover from then but I can't believe I would have missed it all this time....then again, it's possible I've made a mistake.

It's quite funny that we've been hoodwinked here by an old sign. Keep those eyes peeled though.



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