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Hi everyone! 

I have forgotten to cancel this week's vegbox delivery but I am going away- which means I'm having them delivered tomorrow even though I can't eat them! 
I was wondering if anyone is interested in buying the box off me? It's from Riverford and there's enough veg to feed 2-3 people for a week (or if you're vegetarian like me, there's enough for one person for a week and maybe even a bit more). It cost me £13,45 but happy to sell it for £10. Here are the contents: 

  • potatoes (Triplo) UK
  • carrots (Norwich) UK
  • onions UK
  • beetroot UK
  • black kale UK
  • courgettes ES/IT
  • chestnut mushrooms 200g UK
  • butternut squash FR

    Message me if you're interested! 


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We will have it as long as you are close enough for us to fetch it.



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