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Anyone else livid about this? The BBC announce that the over 75s now have to pay the licence fee literally days after the D-Day 75th anniversary. So the heroes they interviewed during the celebrations last week could now face paying a fee. They served and put their lives on the line as well as paid the fee for decades.

Well done the BBC your compassion is noted


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So in 2000 a politician decided to fund licences for over-75s.

And in 2015 a politician decided to stop funding licences for over-75s.

Not the BBC's funds, effectively. End of. It just gets the blame. Only the politicians (both of them) win.

Gobsmacked. And Boris promises to cut taxes for the rich! This is geriatric poll tax! Cue elderly people being dragged through the courts for want of funds. What a dreadful mean spirited government we have.... 

Those receiving pension credits will still be eligible to apply for a free TV licence. It seems reasonable that this should be a means-tested benefit.

Never understood why old people should get universal benefits - means testing seems entirely reasonable. 

They are on a fixed income. Most elderly people rely entirely on their state pension. They have worked all their lives and paid taxes. Do you know what it's like to have no money and no means to get it? 

Agree entirely. We have one of the wealthiest generations to date in, and entering, retirement. Baby boomers have benefited from the emergence of the dual income household, credit liberalisation, and the ‘great moderation.’ It’s the savers of today who need more help.

You missed out free higher education, affordable rent and house prices, the discounted right to buy sell-off of social housing, generous home improvement grants, defined benefit pension schemes, triple-lock state pensions, the chance to profit from the undervalued sell-off of national infrastructure, North Sea oil revenue squandered on tax breaks, favourable conditions for second home and buy to let ownership, workplaces with defined career paths instead of zero hours contracts, and let's not forget - the freedom to live and work in other EU countries. Means testing the TV licence discount is hopefully just the start in redressing the huge generational imbalance.

Spot on.

All of that: in particular, the generous home improvement grant (not loan, mind) from the council was the deciding factor in moving here in 1980.

In the 2017 election manifesto the Conservatives pledged to maintain the free TV licence for those 75 and over.  Then they transferred the entire financial burden to the BBC knowing that they would be unable to afford it.  In a way it doesn’t matter if you support the scheme or not, the government was elected on that simple and unambiguous pledge and lied and, as the Conservatives proportionally have a greater reliance on the votes of older voters than other parties so, lied to the very people who got them elected.  

Is it right they get away with this?  I don’t think so and have signed the petition organised by Age U.K. to reverse the decision (link below)


Here's the 'The dog ate my homework' moment.

It goes back to 2015, when a week after the election they went back on their manifesto and transferred the over-75 licence cost to the BBC. Nevertheless.....

"Extraordinarily, the Conservatives’ 2015 broken manifesto pledge to keep the licence fee free for over-75s was copied and pasted word for word into the party’s 2017 general election manifesto. The party later said this was a mistake, apparently made in a hurry because the manifesto’s authors were rushing to produce a policy platform on a tight deadline due to Theresa May’s decision to call a snap vote."

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/jun/10/seeds-of-bbc-licence-...

Good for you, Michael.  I've signed it too.  Also contemplating civil disobedience and refusing to pay.



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