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Anyone else livid about this? The BBC announce that the over 75s now have to pay the licence fee literally days after the D-Day 75th anniversary. So the heroes they interviewed during the celebrations last week could now face paying a fee. They served and put their lives on the line as well as paid the fee for decades.

Well done the BBC your compassion is noted


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Many pensioners are not rich and never were. Started work at 15 and worked hard for a wage. They never had a chance to buy or afford a house least of all a second one! Many woman are having to wait for a pension they have paid into and told they can’t retire when they expected too. We have a lonely and poor population of older people, for many the television is the only company they have. We should all be fighting these problems together, young and old. Not blaming each other it’s the governments fault, fighting each other plays into their hands!

I have no particular issue with free licences for those who can't afford it (of any age). But it is certainly not the case that all over 75s are in that boat, so I see no reason for this to be a universal benefit. 

Spot on Annie.  Yes, I benefited from a student grant, not a student loan, but the fault is not with those were in receipt of it, it’s with those who took it away.

Annie - I agree with you so much!  I left school at 15 and made my own way in life.  I couldn't afford to buy a house until I was in my late forties.  We were very poor in Harringay after the War and could expect little or nothing from the government.  Most of us still expect little.  The free TV licence was a wonderful thing and gave many who are poor but unable or even too proud to accept benefits a modicum of comfort in their twilight years.

Also, read Alan Taylor's post below about the BBC mismanagement and inflated salaries.  He is absolutely spot on.

The BBC don't have to run like any other business simply because their funding is guaranteed. They are wasteful in the extreme as they are so bloated & bureaucratic that can get away with loosing public money without fear of being brought to task. In this respect they are indeed like a govt department that can & does throw money away willy nilly as it deems that it is unaccountable as it is paid for by the taxpayer. The BBC spends millions on it's online & red button services, not to mention the millions it's costing us (not them) to relocate the Eastenders set and the 10% pay rises for a hundred of it's managers. No govt has the will to bring them to task because they are so firmly embedded in the British establishment and are thought of as one of our greatest national assets. I believe the Director General & its trustees really do think of themselves akin to the NHS. An organisation that is so cherished that no one dare to intervene if or when required or contemplate radical change. But times have changed, we are in the 21st century. There's so much more that we use a television for than to just watch the BBC. It's structure and its funding in its present form will have to change. 

So maybe we should just privatise it then, ditch the public service and get ads, ads, ads, all over the screen?

The quality of some of the programming has gone down recently. They seem to be chasing the commercial channels in the down-with-quality race, especailly with their reality programming. Let's not talk about the inability to call out lies and 'fact fabrication' from the politicians appearing on so many news programmes.

I would love to be able to continue to pay the licence fee when I eventaully move out of Brexitland, just to be able to continue looking at all the BBC channels.

Hold on, the absolute youngest a person could have been to have been involved in D-Day is 93 (assuming 18 in 1944). So by your logic Alan shall we just pay for the TV licences of those who "might" have fought in the war?

Or is this nothing to do with those who fought in a war 75 years ago and just about your prejudice towards the BBC? There's an awful lot of opinion presented as fact in that last wall of text...

Yes I am very much anti-BBC. Have been for years now. My comments above regarding the cost of the Eastenders relocation and the 10% pay rises are fact, look them up if you don't believe me. That's not including the £100 million the BBC threw away on their digital project a few years ago (see link below)

This money is public money, our money if you pay your licence fee? I would say the same if it was a government body that had wasted this amount of public money, wouldn't you?  Why should the BBC not be criticised for doing the same. See my comments above on how I believe the BBC are cherished so in this country. As for the over 75s having now to pay, unless they can show that they are indeed poor, yes it's a government as well as a BBC issue but why should a generation of senior citizens who have paid their fees & taxes for decades not be able to view what for many of them is their only connection with the outside world for free without the threat of a possible custodial sentence hanging over them? The irony being that anyone can go to prison for not paying their TV licence, and whilst in prison they can watch all the TV they want without having to pay for a licence. Whats next for our OAPs, the abolition of their winter fuel allowance? 


Have you worked for the BBC or are you basing your comments on what you've read in the Daily Mail?  £3 or so a week seems like a bargain for everything the BBC offers, if you'd worked there you'd know that most of the employees don't earn that much, get minimal pay rises, no bonuses - taxi use is strictly controlled (would you want your daughter making her own way home through london after working a late shift?) and the last years have seen cut after cut across the organisation. And believe me, the offices are far from luxorious.

I can never understand why people have this image of a bloated corporation living off the fat of the licence fee, it's very far from that these days. And as the right wing are always complaining it's too lefty, and the left wing are always complaning it's too righty, I'd say that is a fair sign they're getting it about right. 

I agree Michaela. I would happily pay £3 a day just to watch BBC 4 alone, to say nothing of Radio 3. And the over 75s have always paid, and will continue to pay, for the " independent " channels through the advertising budgets of the consumer products.

I have never fought in any kind of war Dave but by the time I’m 75 I will have paid for a TV licence for 54 years (I bought my first at 21) so will have paid more than £8,000 at today’s licence cost. If I live for a few more years after that I think I’ve earned a free bloody licence.

Do you also feel entitled to free utilities and phone service based on cumulative contribution?



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