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Anyone else livid about this? The BBC announce that the over 75s now have to pay the licence fee literally days after the D-Day 75th anniversary. So the heroes they interviewed during the celebrations last week could now face paying a fee. They served and put their lives on the line as well as paid the fee for decades.

Well done the BBC your compassion is noted


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Well.....yes  But seriously that's a ridiculous statement. I am talking about the licence fee that is applicable to everyone who owns a television wether you watch the BBC or not. You can't equate a media service to a utility service that is a basic requirement, heating, hot water, drinking water. I would propose either the BBC takes on commercial advertising or some or all of its content is paid for, such as a subscription. 

Strange that. Most of those who actually did put 'their lives on the line' (born pre-1928) and who are sadly now 99,5% pushing up the daisies, were no doubt all in favour of the BBC and its licence fee. All the ones I knew were.

Free TV licences and free public transport are really just  'government get outs' to the real problem of decent state pensions. Start paying the over 65-70s decent state pensions, give them back their pride and do away with these demeaning benefits. The U.K. has lousy state pensions! https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/dec/05/oecd-uk-has-lowest-st...

Yes indeed. But it is so much easier to get upset about the smaller picture diversionary tactics.

Brexit will make England Grate again!

As we have one of the lowest state pensions in Western Europe combined with one of the highest cost of living, it may come to that. 

And if you were a multi-millionaire at 75 would you expect young families on minimum wage (say) to subsidise that free licence for you? 

So in order to catch out a handful of 75+ multi millionaires over 3 million must go through means testing?  The level now set for being entitled to a free licence is being over 75 AND having an income no greater than about £165 per week in total. 1 million are already at that level and at least a million more just creep over so their few quid extra lands them with a £150 bill. It’s utterly pathetic 

Is that a yes then? My point is that universality is absurd. Plenty of pensioners are wealthy enough to pay for a TV licence and you know it. How do you justify those people being subsidised by poorer younger people. You can of course argue about whether the new regime sets the level for a free licence at the right income point, but that doesn't mean that universality is the answer. 

The only test being proposed is receipt of pension credit.  Only the very poorest get that.  Setting an income means test would require to applicant to provide proof of all income and savings.  The resultant bureaucracy would not only be difficult for some older people to navigate (there is already a massive under claiming of benefits by older people), it would cost a significant amount.  All of this for a free TV licence that someone 75+ will enjoy for 5 years (male) or maybe 10 years (female) if they are lucky.

It is estimated by Age U.K. that older people contribute in excess of £2 billion in unpaid work per year, things like caring for an adult, looking after grandchildren and volunteering.  A small recognition of this is peanuts compared to what they do and have given.

Thanks for the response - some fair points, but I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one!

Right, I have never claimed benefit for anything at all in my long lifetime.  Made my own way, as did almost all of my generation.

If you were entitled to benefits and decided not to claim them that's your decision. It's not relevant to the question of whether your entire generation (regardless of their wealth) should now get a freebie paid for by everyone else. 

I wonder why the BBC can't be funded via direct taxation like other Government services (Defence, NHS, highways etc). It wouldn't be too hard to put some protections in place to prevent politisation. Other countries fund their national broadcasters that way.



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