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Margaret Anne Georgiadou's petition on the government website has reached over a million signatures and is still climbing.


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Anyone from overseas can vote on this website. 

I wonder how many millions of votes have come from Europe and the East? 

"the East" eh.

Back to "76 million Turks will join the EU and flood our country".



Yes, there certainly have been thousands of signatures from Norfolk. 

Yes I'm sure there are many from the 'east' who are on the electoral register!!! East Ham, East Anglia...

Neil, doesn't really matter because everyone from the East (of Bromley) looks alike and so it only counts as one vote.

And by the way your microwave is spying on you and posting your thoughts on a secret thread on HoL.

I'm really surprised that people still take these petitions seriously.

Lots of people didn't and don't want to leave the EU. A list of email accounts does very little to advance the point.

But lest the marchers and petition signers feel that all hope is lost, their saviour has at last presented himself.


May his efforts to keep Corbyn out of No 10 continue to bear fruit!

Thank you for this.  With Uri on the case I’m sure we’ll all sleep more peacefully tonight.

So what is the point of democracy then? The majority voted leave and there are marches to overrule a fair vote. 

What’s the issue with a 2nd vote? It’s quite democratic. We get to vote regularly in local and general elections so why shouldn’t people be able to vote again, given that there’s an over abundance of new information for either front to contemplate in a new vote.

May has been putting the same deal to a parliamentary vote twice now, with no major changes, so why shouldn’t we be entitled to a 2nd vote? 

Do you equally support a third and fourth vote to follow the second vote? Because 17 million people will campaign non-stop for a third vote if there is a second vote which disagrees with the first one? Will you commit now to a third referendum 6 months after the second one? 

As Kotkas explained, its not a second vote just for the sake of it. The point is that the facts have fundamentally changed in that we now know what "brexit" actually means in practice. So yes, if (and its a fairly big 'if') there was a similarly fundamental change after a second vote then you might be able to make a case for a further referendum.at some point in the future.



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