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With the numerous painter and decorator recommendations on here i thought it would be easy to get a competitive quote for 3 rooms hallways up and downstairs and all woodwork.

Some quotes were laughable £550 a room! also 400-600 per room! do people pay these sort of prices? also one with a few recommendations who didnt show up or call.

Ended up i got a number from a builder friend. Got all of the above and small amount of plastering fixing up the walls on the corners where we had chips taken off through building work.  Professional as opposed to handyman that does a bit of everything

Michael Kogios



Perfect job, will use him for all painting and decorating from now on

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So how much did you pay a room then?
If that's not being too rude.

how dare you!

1170,  I provided the paint.

Can I ask a question too, did you except the first quotes you were given or did you try and make a deal?

No i did not, there was a cheaper quote but it was a fella who charged £100 per day but he didnt ask the right questions. I prefer the balance of price and trust that they will do a good job

Also in my view 1170 for the work carried out is a fair price by a painting and decorating professional. Don't think tradesmen are up for haggling. What is costly is the woodwork your skirting, doors etc.. If you do that yourself you can save £

So how long did it take??

Just wanted to second this recommendation for Michael. I contacted him after seeing this post, he came the next day to give us a quote to paint a bedroom and the front of our house. We needed the job done quickly and he went out of his way to accommodate us. Can't fault him, really nice guy and very reasonably priced.

Out of interest, what is considered a reasonable price per room? We had quotes very recently of 350-750 for one newly plastered room.

That is waaaay too much. We got 3 rooms hallways up and downstairs and all woodwork for 1170. I suggest giving Michael a call for a sensible quote

Michael Kogios


Thank you. I'll be interested to hear what he quotes!

I asked Michael to give me a quote for a Buy To Let I have.

He did not seem very interested when he came to visit and needless to say,I never received that quote.

Luckily,I found an excellent painter and decorator,Alo-07504 805 860.

He gave me so many options regarding costs.

I have used many painters in the past and he is definitely the best so far.



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