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Spent nearly an hour today trying to renew my residents parking permit with Haringey Council.

It started when they sent me a letter indicating my current permit was about to expire and I needed to renew it. Fair enough. I could only do this online, said the letter and I would only need my ID, which the letter provided, a valid credit or debit card and access to a printer to print out my permit.

Now I have done this previously for several years with no problems, but when I got on the website I noted that renewing my permit was now not so simple as the letter claimed, because, due to something vaguely related to the change in rates, they had now decided to treat every permit request as a new first-time from scratch application, which meant I needed to provide a whole lot more proofs of residence and ownership in the form of emailable pdfs to jump through their hoops.

Furthermore while I had expected to renew my permit with an immediate follow-on date from my old permit, this was not going to work, and I would only be given a activation date five working days in arrears of my application. Which meant my car was going to be on the kerb once my old permit had expired and before a new one had been activated. 

Furthermore there was no option to print my permit, as the letter suggested, because obviously although they had got my money the application had not yet been completed.

This is so obviously a crap system with one arm sending out letters with instruction that patently aren’t going to work as advertised.

Yes, I am disgruntled. Has anyone else been frustrated by this example of on-line jobswothness?

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We had the same situation, other half had to trundle down there in person and got it sorted out same day. Which was lucky as we'd left it to the day our current permit ran out...

Yes it's been the same for everyone since they changed the rates. If you need it quickly, go to Wood Green Library with all the documents and queue up - there isn't a huge wait and they issue it on the spot. The most annoying thing is that it doesn't mention this on the letter or the website.

My wife did that this morning with no real bother, and the team at the Marcus Garvey Centre confirmed the internet wasn't really working correctly. I'm sure they will get it fixed eventually. These things happen with technology.

This issue is not to do with the technology. The system worked fine online until they changed the way your permit is calculated change (I am one of tose who posted about this a couple of months back). The issue is that haven't reflected the process change on their site; even a message to advise customers would help. Perhaps the cost of raising a system change hasn't been justifed,  it all comes down to cost.

Don't know precisely what it says on the renewal reminder letter (just squeaked under the bar last time) but the main parking permits page now has a header stating

"Important information regarding resident permit renewals: following the recent permit price changes (implemented on 3 April 2018), all residents renewing their permits have to re-apply as if they are a new applicant. We apologise for the inconvenience."

Very big of them. And it's taken months for that to appear.

Seems like most state Run systems they have Technical Issues.

Now Renew mine at Wood Green Library. But make sure you have your V5 and Council Tax Form

Try getting through to the helpdesk of a non-state run system...

Whereas our internet went down this morning and the Virgin help desk (in India) was very helpful as usual.

I had this problem back in May and there are other threads on this issue which  had passed my by until I was in the situation myself. In the end I had to wait over an hour on the phone  but did eventually get the permit sent to me electronically by a very helpful customer services rep. He was clearly equally frustrated by the whole situation.

 As this has been going on for months and months now  and there are clearly lots of unhappy customers you might have thought that the website could be updated?

All the other threads should be linked via the tag I added under Graham's post.

For what it's worth, I just renewed my resident's permit online and the process was smooth and quite efficient.

I started the process about 2 weeks before the old permit expired. I logged on via the council parking permit site as normal for a renewal.  After the first screen, I saw the message that I had to apply as a new applicant (which I expected having seen the posts here).  I uploaded the required document copies (proof of address, council bill, V5, etc) and paid via paypal. 

That was on July 31 and I received an email with the attached Permit on Aug 8 - so they turned it around in about 4-5 working days. 

Of course, it took me another 4-5 days to remember to print it out and stick it on the window.

   "The renewal letters are not a legal obligation, instead a courteous service that serves as a gentle reminder that your permit is due for renewal. We do recognise that there may be some occasions when our renewal letters do not reach you. Therefore if you have not received your renewal letter three weeks before the expiry of your existing resident permit please renew now. Residents should be mindful of the expiry date on their current permit. 

Residents are given a 9 week window in which they can renew their permits. The window starts 5 weeks before the expiry of the permit and 4 weeks afterwards.     [my bold]     

News to me.....

From  https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/parking/parkin...



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