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Any time outside those mentioned on the sign, for example 8.30pm on a weekday until 5pm the next day. Or weekends and bank holidays before noon and after 8pm.

Dunno where you'd find out when 'event days' are, the location of the sign may be a clue.

Quick edit cos I misinterpreted it :)

those "Event Days" are matches at new White Hart Lane - TED = Tottenham Event Day CPZ

Thank you.

Congratulations - Haringey's only FREE CPZ - elsewhere in the borough you have to pay to get a resident's parking permit, even in the Finsbury Park area where Arsenal match day controls apply but for some reason residents in the Tottenham area get a FREE CPZ?  Wonder why?

I suppose that the only pressure on parking in the area is on match days.  Around FP there’s also commuting traffic to deal with all week which isn’t an issue near White Hart Lane

About time us Tottenhamites got something for free. We have some non-CPZ spaces here, close to the stadium, and these will become CPZs only on event days at the new stadium. The rest of the time they will revert back to non-CPZs, so why should us residents pay for a full permit when we will only need it on a number of event days per year? 



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