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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I went to this little local Italian restaurant for the first time last night and what a treat! The food was beautifully presented and really delicious, the service impeccable, and the bill amazingly low  under £20 each for dinner and a drink.

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I can second that! It is definitely the best restaurant in the area in terms of quality of ingredients, attention to cooking presentation etc. Not to fault the many wonderful options we have around Turnpike Lane but this is a true gem. However I would not say it is a budget option so I am surprised at the cost you quote!

We had three (substantial) starters and one main pasta course between two of us and it was plenty of food and extremely good value for the quality.

Wow - I stand corrected! Must investigate

We tried this restaurant recently mid week. The food was good (not outstanding) but the place was definitely short handed. There seemed to be only two guys there one of whom may have been the chef. The result was service slow to the point of boredom. I hope this was a mishap and not the regular arrangement. The similar sized restaurant near Finsbury Park station, Osteria Tufo, has three people on the floor when it's busy.

I'm afraid I had a really bad meal at Osteria Tufo, and have not  been back. Another good little local Italian restaurant who make their own pasta is Piccolo Diavolo on Stroud Green Road.

That seems to be the set-up generally. Service can be slow.

Is Passione e Tradizione still open? Can one book a table or is it no reservations?
Replying to myself....we went there last night, and you can book. It was excellent.

We were in here last night for the first time and the food was incredible: the most Italian food I've had outside of Italy. Great service. Incredibly good value for money. Can't recommend it enough.

So little side note on this - they actually import their food from Italy every week! There is a Italian delicatessen almost opposite where they stock the raw ingredients which you can buy. You go in at the right time and you see the chef getting his ingredients! 

Unsurprisingly the food in there is great as well.

They deliver great pizzas as well!



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