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Hi folks

I am aware that there is already a thread in this category about P&T at the top of West Green Road, 5 mins walk from the Salisbury/ Turnpike Lane, because I started it a couple of months ago (!)... here it is... 


However I feel obliged to start a new thread now the restaurant is up and running...

I can't recommend this place to the forum enough - it's a really unique proposition and unlike anything in the area due to its strange set up.  The food is imaginative and divine, I've been about 5 or 6 times since it opened and the menu is different every time.  I've taken friends as guests (we've had a lot of guests as we have a 2 week old baby) and they seem pretty blown away by the experience too.

Don't take my word for it - check out the reviews in the original thread...

Quick recap for those of you who can't be bothered to read back... there is a small Italian in Kentish Town called Anima E Cuore which has become immensely popular via word of mouth (again don't take my word for it)... anyway they took over the lease on Buonissimo, former Italian restaurant, simply to take advantage of the large kitchen to prepare food for their A&C restaurant with a view to opening P&T at lunchtimes... anyhow they have decided to open during the evenings too and so what you have is an incredibly creative chef with a huge selection of the best quality ingredients to play with... and that's what he does...

The pizzas are superb... but the main dishes are simply sublime... all very homely and comforting, they are so tasty and inventive, it's a real treat....

The staff are very eager to please (the chef is local and will come out to explain dishes or offer to prepare what you want off-menu) the only bad thing is that they have a radio at present rather than a better ambience.

I won't bore you any longer - it seems to be doing well so far - if you fancy something different and special then go check it out yourself...  

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How strange - I was about to start a thread about this gem of a place. What can I say other than it is sensational. It really is that good. It's not the biggest place but that lends to its character. When I went the chef himself came out and discussed what ingredients he had and how they ould be put together to my taste.

It's so worth the effort to visit. Especially as at the moment it feels like visiting a secret that one day will be wide open.

Everything and more as above, we had pizza and 3 different pastas 5 of us 2 kids, 3 adults and we all loved it. My daughter asked for an apple juice which we suspected they didn't have when one of the staff went across the road 5 minutes later. 5 minutes after that she had a freshly pulped apple juice, how's that for service. I also commented on the original thread but only got round to visiting on Tuesday, and I have to say the speciality pasta was delicious. I really hope they will thrive, but Do come along and try for yourself.
Exciting! Did you guys book or can you just walk in?
Thank you for posting this, I love a good neighbourhood restaurant and so we tried this tonight and what a great little find! Food was amazing (truffle pasta to die for!) and lovely service. We will definitely be back.

Hi again - yes that truffle taglino wasn't bad was it!

My take on it here.

Sounds lovely, what are the prices like?

We were in here last night for the first time and the food was incredible: the most Italian food I've had outside of Italy. Great service. Incredibly good value for money. Can't recommend it enough.



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