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Getting tired of calling Haringey council again and again to report people urinating opposite our house.

Have called them multiple times over the last two years and still the problem is there. The shop on the corner needs to be closed as they sell the alcohol to these people, they drink outside the shop, then urinate on the wall and go home.

Enough is enough. Something must be done about this.


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It's one of my pet peeves as well. At the corner of our street as well as in Duckett's Common.

I've never witnessed such a frequency of public urination in any other area of London that I'm familiar with.

It is disgusting. Its a health hazard as the wall is soaked in urine and spills over onto the pavement. But the council does not care...There needs to be a peoples revolution as these jobsbodys literally do not care no matter how many times you call them its the same script...

Central govt cuts to councils and police mean anti social behaviour falls down the list of priorities. We need a change of government. 

wire it up to the mains.

I don’t know if this applies to your area but Bury Road (runs parallel to Wood Green High Road on the east) is often littered with plastic bottles full of piss.  Someone who lives near there says it seems to be Uber drivers who are hanging around for their next fare, pissing into the bottles inside of their cars and then chucking them out into the street.  The guy getting back into his car in your video makes me wonder if they hang around your way too.  Might be worth getting number plates

I did see a water bottle full of yellow liquid on our street. This explains a lot. What infuriating savagery.

Hackney was trialling this - I wonder how they got on. On Amazon its a staggering £300 for 5 litres though I'd be happy to start the ball rolling with a small donation if I could watch the result.

In Japan you are never more than a few hundred yards from a decent free public toilet - all the stations have them and often even the local 7-evelen. Result - no piss onthe streets. (No litter either, I might add.)

The men's toilet at Chestnuts Park is closed AGAIN after being re-opened only last week following a 10-day closure.

You should ask to use the community centre toilets

Awful thing to keep happening. Have you got in touch with your local councillors? Always find that’s the best thing to do.



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