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Getting tired of calling Haringey council again and again to report people urinating opposite our house.

Have called them multiple times over the last two years and still the problem is there. The shop on the corner needs to be closed as they sell the alcohol to these people, they drink outside the shop, then urinate on the wall and go home.

Enough is enough. Something must be done about this.


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Awful thing to keep happening. Have you got in touch with your local councillors? Always find that’s the best thing to do.

The last time I went in the Chesnuts Parks toilet there were three men in there none of whom seemed interested in urinating. I didn't linger.

This is also a big problem on the corner of Stanhope Gardens where Barclay's Bank is. After a lot of complaining to the council, eventually an email to ASBAT and the police led to the council putting up some no urinating signs, cleaning the corner up and sprayed something, but it has had no effect and the problem continues. It really disgusting and I'm at a loss of what to do.

Corner of Stanhope Gdns has become such a horrible place with the pissing, drugs, rubbish and flytipping etc. I dread going out the house some days and facing it. Those no peeing signs are a joke.

It seems that we are just expected to see the decline in our environment as part of modern day life, this is what it's come to.  There seems no political will to deal with anything at the local level but it's not just Haringey, depressingly seems to be all over the place. 

That corner and the one diagonally opposite (Umfreville Road / Harringay Green Lanes station) are both a real disgrace.

The strangest thing is having to explain all the rubbish to my almost-three year old who keeps asking, "Shall I pick it up and put it in the bin?"

That, and side-stepping assorted liquids all over the pavement.

Feel really sorry for people with kids, how to explain this mess and to prevent them from seeing this as the way things are/will always be? 

I haven't figured that out yet.

Ever thought of just shouting at the men doing the peeing.  I do it all the time.

I have - in return from the older ones I got blank stares (as if they can't tell what the problem is) while from the younger ones I got abuse and threats.

I'll grant you that as a middle aged battle-axe, it is easier for me to challenge men for this disgusting practice, but I do think it makes people think twice before they do it again.  Young men will often get mouthy when challenged but no one likes to be made a spectacle of in the street and have themselves shown up.

They don't care, they've gone past caring about anything other than their next fix probably. They know they can literally just take the piss.... 

I noticed there is a meeting with the police next weekend, so I think I will go along to that. I also might try getting in touch with the local mp and councillors via email. Basically just email everyone I can think of! I've also shouted at them mid-pee, but just got blank stares as well. So depressing, such a disgusting part of the street. 



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