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Getting tired of calling Haringey council again and again to report people urinating opposite our house.

Have called them multiple times over the last two years and still the problem is there. The shop on the corner needs to be closed as they sell the alcohol to these people, they drink outside the shop, then urinate on the wall and go home.

Enough is enough. Something must be done about this.


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Men are gross!

You've obviously never hung around Bigg Market in Newcastle on a Saturday night.

Ah, well that's night! 

Completely agree Marc. Availability of toilets would be great but many of the people urinating are those who've just been drinking on the street - not something someone who knows they have a weak or small bladder should reasonably be do.

It's a behavioural and cultural issue - by which I don't mean any particular ethnic or national culture but rather what those individuals have been exposed to. In Finsbury Park and say at the local McD's I've seen people drop litter at their own feet while there's a bin literally a metre away.

I don't know if availability of facilities or polite reminders can achieve anything. I've come to the conclusion that only censure and / or punishment can work in such cases.

I do like signs encouraging good behaviour and in fact even have one asking people nicely not to litter outside our house - which has resulted in none being tossed into our little front garden.

But Marc I fear this one might be too sophisticated for these particular offenders :( Besides I don't think they're from the ladder, much less think of it as their ladder.

This sign used to be in Hazel Mews, opposite Boots on Alexandra Road. Don't know how effective it was...

Blimey - I've never seen that sign. Is it no longer in use?

It's gone now. Gus, the guy who runs the Silver Bullet, is the Sheriff of Hazel Mews and it's no longer needed. Background here.

The thing is - so many of the public toilets have been closed by the Council and sold off. For example, I can think of the ones at the bottom of Muswell Hill, bottom of Middle Lane, Finsbury Park at Green Lanes / Seven sisters, Apex Corner. Chestnuts is hardly ever open, Turnpike Lane bus station is hardly ever open.

I don't condone wild urinating but I can understand why it happens.

Public toilets are so often congregating points for sexual activity which local residents may feel threatened by. I understand why the council gets rid of so many of them. Perhaps we need more Paris-style pissoirs where there is a degree of privacy, but concealment is not possible

That's a point John but I don't remember there ever being public toilets along Green Lanes before (or down the streets of the ladder) and don't remember people peeing so often as now. So I don't think the closure of those loos really is explain for Harringay becoming an open air toilet in recent years. 

The Green Lanes / Seven Sisters toilets are now a café at the Finsbury Park gate. I suppose that's Hackney or Islington.

Well there is another explanation, but I would get howled down if I suggested it.



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