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Getting tired of calling Haringey council again and again to report people urinating opposite our house.

Have called them multiple times over the last two years and still the problem is there. The shop on the corner needs to be closed as they sell the alcohol to these people, they drink outside the shop, then urinate on the wall and go home.

Enough is enough. Something must be done about this.


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The Green Lanes / Seven Sisters toilets are now a café at the Finsbury Park gate. I suppose that's Hackney or Islington.

Well there is another explanation, but I would get howled down if I suggested it.

Ah yes, the former loos where now a cafe stands. Thanks for reminding me of that which I'd forgotten. Best not to get howled down John.... 

Risk the howls, John D.  I'm open to learn something.

There was a public loo behind The Salisbury on St Ann’s Road too

I’m intrigued - I live just down the way and I can’t see where this might have been... was it actually part of the pub building?

It’s the blank bit of wall (I think an old doorway survives) between the shop at the rear of the Salisbury that was a barbers and the MOT Centre 

Yeah I investigated earlier and saw same and it clicked - thanks Michael.

Lack of public toilets is annoying but a red herring otherwise women would be peeing in the streets as well.

The reason most of these men are peeing in the streets is because they want to.

My suggestion: start spreading online rumours about hidden cameras and people selling film of public pee-ers to pee fetish sites. Maybe invent some good fake news about someone’s mum being sent the videos. Then once the public peeing / fetish link is established follow up with some viral stories about how it’s a scientific fact that most men peeing in public do it because it turns them on.

Let’s make fake news work for the good for once ;)

Trick from days as a Park Keeper at Finsbury Park.   Put down some of the cheapest bleach you can buy

When Urinated on gives off a real Stinker of Gass

Also did it when a Dog kept weeing up my Wall post .                                                                                     Only need once it know walks into the road when passing my House

Many - many years ago when council had its own Drain Teams. They used to Wash down certain areas on a Regular Basis

Top / shop end of Lymington Ave N22 is a real mess and stinks of Urine. Could do with a good wash

Will bring it up tonight at Noel Parks Association AGM

It looks like one of the local public toilets is being brought back into service


I'm not posting this to excuse anyone's behaviour. But it is a reminder that not everything is always as straightforward as it seems.

The link below takes you to a review by Owen Hatherley of a book called: No Place to Go: How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs. It's by Lezlie Lowe and was published last year. I haven't yet read the book and am on the lookout for a second-hand copy.

But the review is interesting and entertaining.  And you can read it just by registering.

Alan - I did mention this earlier in the thread. Some people are pretty much homebound due to certain health conditions and lack of public toilets but I really do not think this is the reason in majority of cases we see every day around us



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