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Google can't help, tree ID sites have drawn a blank, does anyone on HoL know what this tree in Finsbury Park is? The pigeons love it. Is it a pepper tree?

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The pepper plants I've see growing in Asia are more like vines that need something to grow up. So I don't think it's pepper.

If the leaves are evergreen, it might be summer holly.

Pepper trees exist, but I think they are tropical. The fruit doesn't look quite right for summer holly. It's driving me slightly crazy trying to work out what it is...

There was one of these (summer holly) in FP that came down in the storms last winter, along with a couple of other medium-sized trees.

Looks a little like Portuguese Laurel with unripe berries, but bark a bit dark. Suggestion of Tetradium from Des McKenzie on twitter. Whereabouts in Finsbury Park is this tree?

Well done, Stephen. I hoped you'd drop by.

Would pop down to have a look at it, but no reply as yet....

It's near the three sided shelter, opposite the athletics track on the edge of the bit with the interesting trees  that used to be the GLC horticultural traing centre.

Been up close to the tree and it is a Portuguese Laurel. There was a young Wood Pigeon eating the berries, did find one or two black berries and bark is lighter than it appears in the pictures although a bit rugged - perhaps an older tree.

Also big bonus, met Annee there by chance....

A local tree buff Paul Wood @TheStreetTree (of Street Trees of London fame) also went down and had a look today and confirmed the Portuguese Laurel ID and took these pictures: https://twitter.com/TheStreetTree/status/1035560386911772672

Well done Stephen. Suddenly everything’s Portuguese down that way. 

Thanks Stephen - it was good to meet someone who doesn't yawn or look bemused when I talk about trees. I'll post a picture of the golden rain tree next time I bump into it. (and avoid bumping into the headache tree).



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