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I left a green foldable camping chair out in front of our house - daft, I know - and some lovely person nicked it between midday and one thirty today. It has a slight sentimental value, I now discover, as it belonged to my father. I have no expectation of getting it back, nor will its loss change the course of my life, but ... What? It's just sad. Whoever took it had the presence of mind to take the bag it came in as well, so is now in possession of a nice portable little seat. I hope it collapses underneath them like their moral compass.

Don't leave anything anywhere, people. 

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Most likely for the metal recycling money, see topics on "urban miners"

People seem habitually to leave unwanted items on the pavement outside their houses. Your chair might have been arf-inched, but it may equally have been honestly mistaken as one such unwanted item. 

As to the practice of leaving things on the street for “recycling”, I’m not a fan. We’ve got recycling websites, charity shops and a recycling centre. I see no need for this unsightly, dumping-encouraging and potentially hazardous habit in this day and age. 

Where did you leave it, in your front garden or on the pavement? If it's the former then its theft as the person had to enter onto the premises to take it. If you left it on the pavement then whoever took it could have thought that it was put there either as a dump or placed there with the expectation that someone else could take it away as the item is no longer wanted. To put something that is wanted onto the street these days, in Haringey and to expect it to still be there after 90 minutes is simply bonkers I'm afraid. 

In our front garden. I realise that things on the street are fair game. This was inside the boundary. It was not an honest mistake, of that I'm sure.

Yup sounds like it was pinched. Very annoying. 

I was working in my front garden, bending down, and my tools bag was by the front door. Two men walked into my garden and opened the bag. I stood up, bellowed loudly and called them thieves. They looked mystified. As far as they were concerned there was something apparently unattended in a front garden so they had a right to rifle through it. They basically laughed when I pointed out that they were trespassing with a view to theft. 

It’s not right but I’m afraid that’s how it’s viewed by some.

One of our neighbours had his front gate taken from his front garden. It was leaning against the wall of the house as it was broken I presume. It was scrap collectors and the police won't do anything even with someone having taken the number plate.

Was that in Lausanne Road at about 10:30am one day last week? Then I saw it happen, thought of noting the registration number of the huge white Transit van the two guys were bundling the gate into but then the two guys went back and pulled a lot of other metal things out of the big pile of builder's debris in the front garden so I assumed it was legitimate.   

The same woman has been going up and down the ladder and gardens for the last 7 years at least, looking in peoples bins and front gardens for things to take. She is followed by a man who walks on the other side of the road to her as a sort of gangmaster. She has long black hair, of eastern/southern European appearance and either has a pushchair or shopping trolley which she uses to carry the takings.

They are never challenged, I guess people feel sorry for them. I've never understood this as they regularly walk off with things.



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