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Does anybody know of a good piano tuner? My daughter has come back from university for the summer and has a few pieces she needs to prepare for next term, and she thinks our piano needs a little bit of a tweak.

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Justin Hinchcliffe has just tweeted he's know's someone in Tottenham.

Bruce Lamond is very good and local - I've been using him for many years. His number is 020 8348 0560.

What about the folks at Reid's Pianos on St Anne's Rd?

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll update with my feedback once I've decided who to use and had the job done.

Hi guys, thought I'd just ask this question here rather than start a new thread.  Can anyone tell me roughly what they think the going rate is for tuning a piano?  Baby grand and upright - I'm responsible for one of each.  Thanks!

I pay about £50 I think, but once when I left it too long I had to pay extra AND get it re-tuned within a short time - entirely my fault.

Thanks Maddy, that's really helpful.



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